With my involvement and enthusiasm I stimulate students to do new things which they themselves thought they were not capable of. I find teaching enjoyable and inspiring and I consider it an important part of my work as a scientist. My teaching consists of giving and coordinating lectures and workgroups in the field of cognitive (developmental) psychology and mentoring students with their bachelor or master thesis or scientific internship. Below you will find an overview of my teaching experience.

Teaching and mentoring
2018              Obtained University Teaching Qualification for scientific education (BKO; Basis Kwalificatie Onderwijs).

2014-2018     1styear BA Artificial Intelligence; teacher and coordinator of the course Introduction in Cognitive Psychology (6ec)

2014+2015     2ndyear BA Artificial intelligence; teacher and coordinator of the course Brain and Cognition (6ec)

2007-2012      2ndyear BA Psychology; teacher of Research Practice groups (10ec)

2013+2018     3rdyear BA Psychology; teacher of workgroups Introduction Developmental Psychology (4ec)

2008-2018      3rdyear BA Psychology; mentoring Bachelor theses Developmental Psychology (9ec)

2014+2018     3rdyear BA Psychobiology; mentoring Internships Psychobiology (18ec)

2008-2018      1styear MA Psychology; mentoring Master theses Developmental Psychology (19-25ec)